How To Find Good Business Opportunities (Hidden In PLAIN SIGHT!)

Forget about your "magical big business idea" for now. Don't worry about your website for now either. Set aside any grand marketing plans you might have and all those other wild crazy ideas. It's time to sober up!

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All that matters right now is gaining a clear understanding about your audience, what makes 'em tick, where they are, and where they want to go. The work you'll do here is easily the most critical, most important work you'll do in your business...

...but it's also some of the least exciting, least sexy business activities you'll do too. Trust me, shopping for new office furniture, agonizing over what font to use, and struggling to decide whether you should go with a satin finish or "spot uv" for your business cards is way, way more fun...

...and a heck of a lot less productive and meaningful. None of these things (and many other traps and time-sinks in business) will move the needle like the direct, hands-on hard work that it takes to really gain an understanding of your market and what they want.

Learn how to build your small business website!

If you do a solid, thorough job here, as you'll discover for yourself, you won't need to come up with any "magical big ideas" for your business. Instead, your market will tell you. And, they'll tell you exactly how they'd like it done, too.

Said another way, don't follow your gut -- your gut doesn't know what your market wants. Don't guess either. And definitely don't listen to what internet gurus tell you is a "sure thing," a "hot untapped market," or "the opportunity of a lifetime."

Instead, what you want is hard data, facts, and unbiased research. Here, there's no room for opinions, best guesses, "magical thinking," or the advice of gurus that's all yours after you join their gold-level mastermind group.

Here, you want to find out what your target audience's actual pains and problems are -- not what you "think" they are, but what you KNOW they are. So long as you do your research well and listen closely, you'll have more ideas, options, and opportunities than you'll know what to do with!

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