How To Find An Audience For Your Business

Here's how crucial audience-building is to your online business: If you don't have an audience of people who know, likes, and trust you...then you don't have a business! Audience is that important.

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Without an audience, your business struggles. As you and I have heard many, many times, sales cure all. Sales are to a business what blood is to the human body. Without sales, the online business is dead. And where do sales come from?

Well, I'll tell you where they don't come from: They don't come from hope, unrealistic fantasy dreaming, or from praying. Instead, sales come from people who have problems...who have challenges and issues, who see the products and services you sell as ways to help fix whatever ails them.

These individual people are not the only people on the planet with this problem or issue. Instead, they make up a group of people who share similar challenges and problems. This group of people is your target audience.

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Your job as an online business owner has many aspects and many moving parts. And one such aspect is to FIND the sorts of people whose problems you can help solve. Audience building online is all about two things: Magnetically attracting the exact sorts of people you seek to serve...

...while simultaneously deterring or repelling everyone else. And once you've put in the sustained effort to build an audience of people who know, like, and trust can serve them and help them in all sorts of different ways.

And the magic here -- and the magic in all true, honest, genuine businesses is -- the more you help and serve them with whatever they're struggling with...the more they reward you for your efforts.

Said a different way, a loyal audience gives you everything you could ever want -- to live your ideal lifestyle and what you envision for yourself and your family, to be able to do work that matters to you and that's fulfilling... serve people who care about the work you do...who love what you do, the ability to support charities and community projects you'd like to support, and many, many more wonderful, positive benefits. But it all starts with you -- with putting in the initial, sustained effort to build your audience first.

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