How To Find A Good Business Idea – Simple Strategy!

If you're trying to figure out what business or product idea to pursue -- if you're digging hard to find an idea -- then know that you don't need to come up with some novel "never been done before" idea. Oftentimes, we're too hard on ourselves...and there's a much simpler approach.

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If you tune your mind properly, and change your perspective just a little bit, you can find business opportunities just about everywhere you look -- not sure-fire, guaranteed profits, but potential business opportunities that are definitely worth exploring further.

For example, look around for anything that could be simplified. Is there anything that's complicated right now...maybe a process or a tool or a method...that you could make simpler and easier? For whatever reason, people are wired for "easy." Given the choice, we'll always take the path of least resistance, right?

So, can you use your accumulated skills and knowledge to make something simpler? Or, is there some knowledge, skill, and information you'd need to acquire first before you can simplify something? Look closely -- simplification is a potential business opportunity!

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Similar to simplifying, can you spot anything that's inconvenient? And, could you develop a tool, method, approach, product, or service to make it more convenient? Again, you may need to acquire some skill and knowledge first (or hire it).

Keep in mind: An inconvenient product or service gets beaten by the same product or service that's done conveniently. This means to think hard and look hard...all around you.

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