How To Figure Out What Business You Should Start!

It's hard enough sometimes to figure out the things that we want to pursue for ourselves...but the constant, "always on" internet makes it even harder. Being constantly distracted by moment-by-moment minutia and nonsense distracts and prevents a lot of us from ever figuring out answers to life's big questions.

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So imagine this: Imagine you find yourself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. And you wind up barricaded in a library. With not a whole lot to do...with a lot of time on your hands and no distractions at all...what section of the library do you head to first?

What would you read about to pass the time? What would you learn? What would you want to know more about? Your answer to these sorts of questions in this imaginary scenario will give you some clues.

Or imagine this: Imagine you've won a contest where, for the rest of your life, $8500 a month gets deposited into your bank account (about $100k per year)...but there are a few conditions:

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You'll only get the money, month after month, if you don't go out and get a regular paid job. Instead you have to spend 20 hours a week doing any work you want, so long as it's in the service of others. In this scenario, work would you do?

Again, your answer -- or answers -- here should give you some big clues. Or, if you could never retire, and had to serve the needs of others until you finally dropped dead, what work would you want to do for the rest of your life? This is how you begin discovering your true, genuine self.

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