How To Develop Uniqueness In Marketing – Stand Out In A BIG Way!

Let's talk about how important creating uniqueness and differentiation for your online business is. This is hugely critical, because from the outside looking in, your business may look identical to all other businesses that serve the same market.

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Think of local businesses in your area -- for example, think of local used tire places. How many are in your area? Surely a few, right? I'll bet there are more than you know about. And what do they look like? Very likely, they all look identical to one another..., you could swap all their names and logos and messaging, and nothing would really change. They're beige...the same...boring. And boring means death in business!

So you want to create some kind of uniqueness. And here's what uniqueness does: It kinda jolts people. It sorta "wakes them up" and creates what in psychology is called a "pattern interrupt."

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To explain what I mean, I'm going to use an example that we're both familiar with -- Star Wars. Remember the first time you saw the original from 1977? Remember how it opened? The screen goes black. You're sitting there, waiting for the movie to start, and then all of a sudden...

...BAM! STAR WARS across the screen in huge letters, the music starts with a BAM and away we go....Action, spaceships, lazers, holy crap, this is awesome!

Then what happens? The story slows down and begins to unfold into a fun and exciting adventure. We're hooked HARD within the first 2 minutes of this classic movie. Everyone, young and old buy into it right away, and are taken off on this rollercoaster experience. And you know what? That's marketing!

Right away, Bang! Doing something completely different. Something totally unexpected. Something we've never seen before. And we're hooked.

Star Wars has become a cultural phenomenon because of it's classic storytelling and because it grabbed our attention right away.

So what about you and your online business? Well, what's expected in your marketplace? What are other vendors in your market doing? What is your audience expecting you to do? What could you do that's different that would create a pattern interrupt?

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