How To Create An Email Sequence

The way you decide to build and structure your sales funnels and your sales sequences is entirely up to you. In fact, to me, it almost feels like building with Lego bricks. There are only so many pieces available...yet we can structure them and sequence them in any way that we want.

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Here's what I mean: When a new subscriber signs up for your email list, what kind of email should you send them first? What should you send them second, third, and fourth?

For instance, imagine this: A new subscriber signs up, and right away you send them some really valuable, insightful content on a specific topic that's of interest to them...then you wait a day...then you send them another really helpful piece of content...and wait another day...

...and then on the third day you send them a really great offer for a product or service that relates to the topic you've been helping them with -- maybe you send them a discount code or a limited time offer of some kind...something like this.

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Or, maybe after someone signs up you immediately send them a special discount offer as a way to identify very hot buyers...or maybe you send them the steps to get a free estimate or a free quote...then after that you send them some helpful and valuable content...who knows.

Again, how you decide to structure things is totally up to you. Something else you can fiddle with is the frequency...that is, how often you send out the emails in your sales sequence.

For instance, you could send an email out every day for three days, five days, a week...even a month, or longer...or you might space them apart, sending them every other day or every two days, three days, or whatever you like.

Another important point to mention is that you can always test, mix, and rearrange these Lego blocks or sales emails in any way you want. Really what you're doing here is, you're testing for the sequence or arrangement that gives you the best results.

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