How To Create A Sales Funnel – Important Components To Include

As you continue building your online business and developing your marketing and sales messaging, you'll quickly discover that the sorts of people you attract to your online business and the work that you do fall into three broad categories.

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First, you'll discover that the vast majority of online traffic and visitors to your website and to your offers will be "cold traffic." That is, people who've found you...but who 10 minutes prior had no idea who you were.

So really, they don't know much at all about you, your products and services, or what makes you different, credible, and trustworthy. Further, at this point they may only be aware that they have a difficult or painful problem...but they haven't yet begun actively searching for answers yet.

And so at this stage, it's really great to expose them to helpful articles, videos, and other free content that you've put together. Very often, this is how the sorts of people you seek to serve will initially find you online, too.

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This is a great opportunity to not only provide value to your audience, but also to establish your expertise and build trust, too. Next, as people get to know you, keep finding your helpful content online, and as you continually build trust and likability, a segment of your cold traffic will warm up to you.

Here, they'll opt-in for your email list, sign up for your newsletter, take you up on an offer for a free quote or a free downloadable report or other helpful material. At this stage, not only do they know they have a problem...but they're also actively seeking out solutions...

...and they're keenly aware that the work you do and the products and services you're offering just might help them get the results they want. People who know who you are, who've consumed your free content start to get VERY warm.

They've begun recognizing you as an authority and someone they trust and someone who can help guide them and help solve the challenging problems they face. And so a segment of people who are warm become very hot once they decide to buy from you.

Your "hot" traffic knows you, likes you, they know all about your products and the value they provide. They know all about the benefits they'll get and so they take that last final step and enter into a voluntary transaction with you -- they exchange their money for your solution.

And as you might guess, hot traffic is the best kind of traffic. These are the exact people you want to serve and work with day in and day out. And as you might guess, they're the most valuable kind of traffic you can have in your online business.

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