How To Build A (Genuine, Dedicated) Community Around Your Brand!

The clubhouse has rules and common values. And to distinguish ourselves as a unique club, maybe we wear funny hats and jackets. Or maybe we have a secret handshake or greeting. Or maybe we have a secret language or sing funny songs or have weird rituals. Or maybe we do all these things.

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And most of all, we share common values. The clubhouse is always seeking new members. New members are the lifeblood that keeps the clubhouse alive, generation after generation. And part of the appeal of joining the club is following its rules and rituals and adopting it's culture and values.

After all, that's what makes it a special club. And if the club's values and culture don't align with yours, that's okay.

There are plenty of other clubs you can find. Some big, some small. Some who meet on Tuesdays. Others are on Fridays. Some who are small and local, others who have national conventions.

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Clubs are everywhere. Your workplace is a club. Your family's a club. Thursday night bingo at the legion in a club. San Diego Comic Con is a club. A sub-reddit is a club. Your town's a club. And so's your country. There are clubs within clubs within clubs.

What makes clubs special and unique are their values and their cultures. What does any of this have to do with your online business? Everything, in fact.

If you can create an audience, a culture, a club -- complete with a secret language and secret rituals that no one on the outside would "get" -- then that takes your business to a whole new level. Now you're more like a community or a tribe and much less like a business.

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