How To Begin Building An Email List For Free (And Other Strategies To Use)

Here's a great way to supercharge your content marketing and audience building efforts: Once you've published a new blog post, article, video, or other content, share it as far and as wide as you possibly can.

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So for instance, if you're using Twitter in your online business, post a link to your content there. If you're using Facebook or Linked In, post a link there, too. This will help your content get found by the sorts of people in your target audience.

Now as a quick aside, while you are creating links back to your articles and posts online -- what are called "backlinks" in SEO lingo -- the backlinks won't provide any kind of link juice or value for your efforts.

This is because links to your content that get posted on social media platforms are what are called "no follow" while you are getting value from these links in terms of your target audience being able to find you, there's no value to these links from an SEO strategy standpoint.

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Now, while sharing your content on the handful of social media platforms you're on is a really great strategy, an even more powerful way to share your content is with your email list. And you have an email list for your online business, right? If not, start building!

As a matter of fact, your email list very much is the most valuable asset in your online business. Think about it: Your email list is comprised of the exact sorts of people you want to serve and help in your online business.

These are people who've found you online and have said, "Yeah, sign me up...I'd like more information!" Your email list also contains another very important type of person for your online business: Your paying customers!

These are people who've said, "I like you, I trust what you're saying, and I'm going to give you my money for your pain-solving product or service."

With either group of people, it's incredibly important to continue furthering and deepening your relationship with them...keep building trust with them, credibility, your expertise, and so on.

And what better way to do that then to sending them links to your helpful content -- videos you publish, articles you write, blog posts and other valuable and useful content?

Sending them links to your helpful content on a regular basis is a great way to spread your content online and further develop your relationship with your audience.

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