How To Avoid Making Mistakes In Business Research (SO Important To Know…)

For your online business, it's critically important for you to eliminate guesswork as much as you possibly can. This means no guessing, no coming up with "magical big ideas," or following your "gut instinct." Humans are notoriously bad at predicting the future and gut instincts have a terrible track record!

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So, no "playing business" here. No dinkin' around. This is where the rubber meets the road -- where your business ambitions come into contact with cold, tactile reality. In perhaps a demented way, it's invigorating! Here, we're not playing fantasy or "playing business." Instead, we're coming into direct contact with reality itself.

Rather than hunches, gut instincts, or fantasies about bazzillion-dollar business ideas, instead, we're going to do the real, dirty and hands-on work of finding out what your market -- that is, the group of people your business will serve -- really, truly wants.

Now truth be told, learning more about your target audience isn't an easy process. You won't finish your research today or even this week. Solid research takes a lot of effort, it isn't fast, and it's often a chaotic, disjointed mess. And this is why so few people do it.

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But the more time and effort you put into your research, the better your results will be. And those who take the time and really dig into learning about their audience have an incredible advantage over their competitors who don't.

Research uncovers for you the actual issues and challenges your target audience is facing. And it beats the living heck out of the alternatives...Guessing, hoping, and spending months developing a perfect product for a market that isn't interested anyway.

And you know what solid, in-depth research really does? It skews probability in your favour. See, in business there are no guarantees. All we've got is probability. We can't control outcomes, but we can control our actions and we can greatly influence probability.

And so by taking huge action towards uncovering the pains, problems, and challenges your audience has, you're greatly skewing outcomes in your favour. You can't guarantee that your business will succeed...but you can skew probability so far in your favour that your odds of success are vastly increased.

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