How To Attract More Customers To Your Business – SIMPLE Strategy!

One of the toughest things in online business is building an audience and a group of happy, satisfied customers around the work you do. And the most common way to do this is to use some kind of strategy that relates to "pushing."

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What I mean by that is, chasing after potential customers, interrupting people in your target audience with ads or pop-ups, using hype and heavy-handed, pushy sales tactics, and so on. This kind of approach takes a lot of energy and money, and has limited return.

It's like trying to chase an elusive cat around the neighbourhood. But there's another more effective strategy to build an audience around your online business -- and that's to do the opposite. Instead of "pushing," "pull." Here, you can magnetically attract the exact sorts of people you'd like as customers.

You can create marketing materials and content for your audience that they then seek out and find online, that helps them, informs them, and guides them. You don't have to hype anything. You don't have to bash them over the head with heavy handed sales tactics or anything like that.

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Instead, just help people. Answer their most pressing questions. Help them solve their challenges and the issues they face. When you do that, your audience begins seeking you out and finding you and digging through more of your stuff. And you know what that does?

Over time, that builds trust, credibility, and a real, genuine relationship. So the big take-away here is to pull not push. Help not hype. Don't grind and chase. Instead, become findable and discoverable.

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