How To Attract Customer Attention – Easy Approach To Get ‘Em Lookin’ Your Way!

How to attract customer attention? That's a big, huge question...especially if you're running an online business. In fact, it can get downright frustrating to try to get yourself, your website, and maybe your products and services in front of the types of people you're trying to serve. So let's dig into how to attract customer attention in this video.

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Alright now, in a world filled with noise and distraction, how can your business stand out? How are you supposed to reach your audience and tell them about the great products you have? Nail these key distinctions to get your customers locked in!

Not only is it noisy and crowded out there, but it sometimes seems like the entire planet is completely distracted and disinterested in you and your business.

Trust me, I know the feeling!

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So how are you supposed to get people to pay attention to you, to your online business, to whatever it is that you a world filled with indifference and distraction?

Well first, we have to address "Attention." Let's start there.

See, most people think money is scarce...that diamonds and gold are scarce. And maybe they are...but "attention" is even rarer!

In fact, getting other people's attention the rarest thing on the planet! And it's the most valuable.

That's why every marketer wants it so badly...and why people aren't giving theirs away easily or for free.

Put yourself in your customer's shoes. After all, you're a customer of other people's businesses, right?

If you aren't interested in getting your pet parrot to talk, if you aren't in the market for a Flowbee, if you not currently wrestling with a leaky pipe that threatens to flood your basement, then what do you do when someone else's marketing shouts these sorts of messages at you?

You do what everyone else does...

You ignore them. You reject them. You block them out.

It's like each of us has our own Ad Blocker software built into our brains. But our built-in ad blocker doesn't block ALL ads and messages. It only blocks the 99.9% of messages that we aren't interested in hearing...

...messages and advertising that doesn't apply to us. So really, our built-in ad blocker is more of a filter than a brick wall.

So how do you get people's attention?

First, understand that you don't want EVERYONE'S attention. What you do isn't for everyone. And that's a good thing.

Instead, what you want is a specific kind of person's attention. And to get their attention, all you need to do is tell them what they want to hear.

Join the conversation they're already having with themselves in their own head. Talk to them in the language they already understand.

"Hey, do your calves ache after running?"

"Computer running slow?"

"Why is building an online business such a struggle?"

When you meet them where they are, they snap out of their stupor, look you dead in the eye and say...

"That sounds interesting. Tell me more!"

And that, my friend, is all there is to it!

...Well of course, there IS a bit more to it...

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