How Photoshop Can Help To Improve Your Business

To get the most out of your website and your online business -- especially if you're handling a lot of things yourself, you'll need some kind of image editor or graphics editor.

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My application of choice is Photoshop. I've used it for so long, know it so well, that switching now would be pretty painful. That said, you don't have to use Photoshop if you don't want to (although I encourage you to, simply because it's the best of the best).

Really though, for most of the graphics-related work you'll be doing on your website, you only need to know how to do four things in Photoshop: Resize, Rotate, Crop, and Optimize your images. Admittedly, the last one is the most technical...and it's still a breeze.

Resizing images means changing the resolution and dimensions of a product photo, logo, or other graphic you'd like to use on your website. Have you ever opened a web page and the

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That's because the images are way, way too big to use online. Alternatively, have you ever seen heavily pixellated images? This is the opposite situation, where the image is too small. Knowing how to resize your images to pixel perfection in Photoshop is very important.

Rotating and cropping your images should be fairly self-explanatory. Sometimes you need to rotate an image to landscape or vertical -- clockwise or counterclockwise -- no big deal. Other times, you might want to crop down an image to remove unneeded background or other objects within the image. Again, no big deal.

Finally, there's image optimization. What does this mean? All image optimization means is reducing your image's file size, and selecting the correct web-friendly file format for the type of image you have. That's really it.

To take Photoshop further, you might want to learn about colour correction and how to make your images look their best. Those are great skills to have, too.

Beyond this, you can get into some of the more complicated aspects of Photoshop if you wanted to use it for building layouts, WordPress themes, custom graphical elements for your website, and so on.

To use Photoshop in this way, you'd need to learn about layers, possibly filters, selections, masking, using Illustrator with Photoshop, and some of the other advanced Photoshop features.

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