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When should you send out emails to your list of subscribers? Great question! The short answer is, today! Really though, there are just two times you should be sending out emails to your list...

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First, you should be emailing your subscribers anytime you have something interesting, insightful, or valuable to share with them. For example, if you've just published a helpful new guide for your users, or a new blog post or article...or maybe you've put together a valuable how-to video...

...anytime you have anything that can help them, provide value to them, and serve them in some way -- an interview, a product review...whatever you've got -- you should be emailing them.

The other time you should be sending out emails is anytime you're running a promotion, a sale, or some kind of special event. And one of the biggest mistakes businesses make with their email marketing efforts is sending too many of these kinds of emails -- sales emails...

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...and not nearly enough of the first kind of emails -- emails that inform, educate, and provide value to their subscribers. Really, for every 10 emails you send, just two of them should be sales or promotional emails.

So then, the vast majority of emails you send should be to help and serve your subscribers. What does this do? It gives you the opportunity to show your list that you're skilled, that you can help them, that you're knowledgable, and that you can assist them in solving their big, painful problems.

Now, next question: How often should you be emailing your list? In other words, what sort of frequency should you be looking at? This really is unique for each business, so you'll have to determine this for yourself, but I will provide some guidelines for you:

If you're emailing your list once every few months, that isn't nearly often enough. Even once a month isn't enough. Weekly's better...and multiple times a week is even better. With frequent emailing, what you're doing, really, is you're condensing time.

You're developing the relationship with your audience and building trust and credibility much faster. And these are pre-requisites to a sale, right? So if you're emailing infrequently, then it's going to take that much longer to establish yourself with your audience.

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