How Often Should You Email Your List? (Not When You Think!)

One thing that online business owners get hung up on is how often they should email their mailing list. And specifically, the hang up is worrying about emailing your list too often. I used to be worried about this too.

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I didn't want to pester or bother people or fill their inbox up with email that they didn't want. This has online business owners sheepishly emailing their list once every few weeks, once a month, or even less frequently.

But in hoping to not be a pest or a bother, this infrequency actually creates a huge problem -- and it's a problem I KNOW you've experienced: One day, you get an email out of the blue from a business or online creator or whoever, and you're going...

..."Who IS this person? Why are they spamming me? I didn't sign up for this junk!" ...and then you look down at the bottom of the email and it says something like, "You're receiving this email because you signed up for such-and-such newsletter."

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Oh...I guess we DID sign up for it! But it was so long ago, and they email so infrequently, and life's so hectic and busy...that we completely forgot that we'd opted-in, right?

So here's the truth about emailing and about email frequency and how often you should email: The truth is, while it IS possible to mess everything up by NOT emailing often isn't possible to mess up by emailing your list too often.

Let me repeat that: It isn't possible to make a mistake by emailing your list too frequently. And here's why: The people who are on your mailing list voluntarily signed up, right? (And that's how you built your list -- ethically, right?...

...You didn't buy a list from somewhere or scrape email addresses, right? If you did, then you and I have to have a whole other conversation!) But assuming you've built your email list the right way...even if it's a few hundred people, that doesn't matter...

...what's happening here is, your email subscribers have voluntarily signed up. They've said, "Hey, I'm interested in what you're doing. Here's my email address. Send me stuff when you've got it." So send them stuff! Send them awesome, helpful, valuable stuff that can help solve their problems.

And send often! How often? Very often! At least several times a week, if not more. Now hold on...I can hear you from here, "There's no way I'm going to email several times a week...nobody would put up with that."

Think of it this way: They signed up because they need your help. They've got big, scary complex problems and they saw your website and products and promotional material and think you can help. So are you going to help them or not?

Don't believe me that you shouldn't email so often? Then test your assumption. Summon up some courage and schedule out 30 emails to automatically send, one per day, for the next 30 days and watch what happens. You know what'll happen?

First, no one will complain...and in fact your open and clickthrough rates will go up. Next, you'll see a few nominal unsubscribes. That's fine, let them go. No biggie. Third, there's a strong chance that you'll see an uptick in sales. Yup! So go ahead and give it a try!

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