How Much Does It Cost To Run A Website Per Year (Detailed Cost Breakdown)

A while ago, I put together a post detailing the cost of setting up your business website. And in that post, I'd arrived at a cost of $1370 to get set up...

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If you're interested, I'll leave a link to that post in the Show Notes below.

In the meantime, how did I arrive at $1370 to set up your business website? Well I don't know your exact needs or what you want to set up, but if it were me setting up a brand new business website, here are the options that I would probably go with...

First of course you'll have to register a domain name for your business. Here, you can expect to pay about $15/year. Next is web hosting. Starting out, I'd try to keep costs low here, especially early on while the business is growing.

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Going with a solid, low-cost host like Web Hosting Hub is a perfect choice. Your web hosting costs here will run you about $75/year.

Next, you'll need to set up email for your business. And in my other posts, we've discussed the importance of separating your business's email from your web hosting. Here, I'll assume that two email addresses will be needed, bringing a cost of $120/year.

We'll need a way to accept payments online from our customers, and to do that we'll need a payment processor. Here's where we run into a larger expense -- we can safely assume a cost of $420/year.

Another expense is gonna be an SSL certificate. An SSL is required in order to be able to accept credit card payments online. You can get a free SSL from one of the web hosts I recommend...otherwise it's gonna cost about $100/year.

The costs are adding up, huh? But all of this is still magnitudes lower than starting a traditional off-line business. Next up, we'll need a mailing list service. This is the service that'll allow you to send out broadcast emails to your growing list of email subscribers...

...and this is a must for all businesses, both online and off-line. There are a variety of great services to choose from, but I'll assume we'll go with a cheaper option. Cost: $240/year.

Here, I'm assuming that we'll go with a paid WordPress theme, too -- this is the layout and design for your website. Cost: $100 (but don't forget, I recommended going with a free theme until your site was up and running -- ultimately, it's up to you).

You may also need some additional functionality for your business website, so let's include an estimate for premium WordPress plugins -- $200.

So there's the costs -- the rough numbers to get your business website up and running online. And if you add all of this up, the grand total is $1,370.

That's a rough estimate for getting a business website up and running an online with full e-commerce capabilities for a full year. And if you're sitting there thinking all this is too high, remember that I did make a few can always adjust these numbers for your self.

Further, this grand total of $1370 is a far, far cry from the $10,000, even $5,000, which is what it would cost you to hire someone to build your website for you.

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