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A lot of times, we see successful people as being talented and naturally gifted. But is that really true? I mean, sure, skill and ability certainly play a role...but it's much less important -- probably the least important factor -- at play.

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Really, there's a minimum level of skill, talent, and natural ability required. And that threshold's pretty low. What really determines if someone "succeeds" or not -- however you define "success"...but here, it's probably safe to assume that we mean "financial" success or "career" success -- what really determines this are other factors.

That is, other additional skills, abilities, knowledge, and information. This is often referred to as a skill set or a skill stack -- that is, your unique combination of skills, natural abilities, complimentary skills, and character traits and preferences.

And the evidence is clear: Take anyone who is highly skilled at something...the ability to play a musical instrument, the ability to rapidly problem solve, the ability to see things others can't -- anything really -- and pair that up with character traits like laziness and low self-esteem, and we both know what happens...

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We both know at least a few people like this...who are incredibly skilled, incredibly knowledgeable, who have plenty of natural talent...who just can't seen to get their lives together. Meanwhile, the opposite is true too -- people who have much less natural skill, much less ability, who somehow seem to pull it off.

So there's more at play than just talent, skill, and knowledge. In other words, not only is talent not enough...but talent is totally overrated, too. The world is filled with highly talented, highly skilled, highly knowledgeable people who are broke and miserable.

See, a solid set of skills and character traits is like a good band. Think of Guns N Roses: Their debut record, Appetite For Destruction, is one of the greatest rock records in history. Back then, the band was firing on all cylinders and conquered the world. Together, they were an amazing band.

But do you know about their solo projects? Duff went off and did Believe In Me and some other solo stuff...Slash had Slash's Snakepit...Izzy went off and did his thing...Steven Alder the original drummer did Alder's Appetite...and of course Axl took 73 years to produce Chinese Democracy...

...and NONE of them were nearly as good individually as they were together. Individually, they were "okay"...maybe a spark of brilliance here and there. But put them all together and magic happens. And the same holds true for us and our individual skills and character traits.

We can't rely on just one skill. What we need is a combination of skills, some additional knowledge, and the character traits that'll push us to wherever we want to go. Individual talent is not enough.

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