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Because of it's versatility, there are a few different ways that you can go about using WordPress. What I strongly recommend you do is use the free version of WordPress...what's sometimes called the "self-hosted" version of WordPress.

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All this means is that you'll take care of the web hosting yourself...which is, again, what I strongly suggest you do.

There is another option to run WordPress though -- you can actually install and run WordPress directly on your computer.

But this option gets more advanced and it's really more for developers...and I don't want to cause confusion here because WordPress doesn't work at all like traditional web design software, say like Dreamweaver or something similar.

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Traditional web design software functions more like a word processor, where you simply open, edit, and save files. And with those sorts of tools, you'd build a website on your computer and then upload it to your live web server once it's complete.

But WordPress works very differently. Unlike a piece of software that runs on your computer, WordPress runs directly on your live web server. So with WordPress, you'd log into your website and then work there, live on the web.

With a traditional tool like Dreamweaver, you create the files that become your website. But with WordPress...WordPress IS your website.

To accomplish this, WordPress has a front-end, which is the side of your site that visitors see...and a password-protected back-end. The back-end of your WordPress website is where you do all your work.

It's here where you'll create new pages and posts, work with images, and customize your website's look and behaviour. Your website's front-end is what your visitors see when they navigate to your website. In fact, they may not even know that your website's running WordPress.

So that's how WordPress works. You won't be opening and editing files with it. Instead, it's your website's platform. And remember, at it's heart WordPress is a fully customizable and expandable CMS.

That's why there really is no comparison between old ways of building websites, say with Dreamweaver, and a much more modern approach with WordPress.

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