How Do You Write A Good Headline? Use This ONE Awesome Trick!

In your marketing, sales messages, and even the headlines you use for your articles and posts and your email subject lines, there's a powerful technique you can use to attract more attention. And that is to use specificity. What this means is to use very specific numbers, projections, or results.

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Here's an example: What sounds better -- "How To Increase Your Sales," or "Increase Your Sales 27%"? The second one is much more powerful, right? Why? Because it isn't vague or broad or general. It's very specific -- 27%.

Not 20%. Not 30%...27%. And then maybe in your article, email, or messaging, you cite a study or report to back this number.

So be super-specific. This subject line, "Increase Your Email List With This Simple Method" is okay and uses a bit of curiosity...But "Use Video To Magnetically Attract 2,239 New Subscribers In Just 7 Days" is way, way more specific.

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Readers know EXACTLY what they're going to get. It's intriguing. It offers something extremely specific and tangible within a specified amount of time. Really, it promises a very specific result...and that's exactly what your audience is looking for.

Now, think about how you can use specificity in your marketing and sales material. Again, you can use numbers or timeframes -- as in, get a result within a specific period of time -- you can use results that you've gotten for your existing customers, recognizable and credible names, and so on.

Most importantly -- and I hope this goes without saying -- it all has to be real, true, and genuine. No fluff or scammy stuff here. This means that within the body of your messaging, you'll have to back up the claim made in the headline or subject line.

"How The New York Times Increased Their Subscriber Base Using Our Top 3 Methods"..."A Simple 5-Step Process For Doubling Your Website Traffic"..."Lose 10 Pounds In Two Weeks With These 3 Simple Tricks"

Again though, all of this HAS to be true. Did you ACTUALLY help The New York Times? Do you ACTUALLY have a 5-step process for doubling website traffic? Do you have a system to help people loose weight fast?

Using specificity gives the reader clarity, directness, and as mentioned earlier, it makes them a big, irresistible promise.

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