How Can Public Speaking Benefit You – Super-Charge Your Biz!

How do you feel about public speaking? If you're like most people, it kinda makes you wanna puke, right? Most people absolutely hate getting up in front of a group of total terrifies the heck out of them!

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I remember one time years and years ago back when I was a professor at Seneca College, one of the big colleges in Toronto. One kid was kind of...well, he reminded me of a used car salesman. I called him "Slick!"

So one day Slick's goofing off and disrupting the class, so I say, "What was that you just said?" And he suddenly clammed up, saying, "Oh nothing." But I pressed him, "No, no really, share it with us?" Nothing.

After a few minutes of me teasing him and going back and forth, I was able to get him to stand up at the front of the room beside me. "Alright now Slick, tell the whole class what you wanted to say!"

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He musta shrivelled up to the size of a pea! Like, he literally caved in and collapsed in on himself! He was suddenly all clammed up, nervous and even embarrassed. Finally, I ended the torture and told him to sit down.

Then addressing him and the rest of the class I said, "Don't ever interrupt my class again or next time I'll make you write and deliver a speech on the wonders of apricots!"

This is just a fun, goofy story to illustrate how regular, normal, even outgoing people can totally cave in and clam up when they're up in front of a group of people.

I was exactly the same way too...but after 15 years of classroom teaching, you kinda stop fact, you stop caring around the end of Year One.

For me, this was the equivalent of giving an 8-hour speech in front of total strangers 3-4 times a week for, like I say, 15 years.

And here's what's important for you as a marketer, online business owner, and creator: Getting good at public speaking is a superpower. And I don't mean you have to be an amazing orator or anything like this.

I just mean being able to talk to a group of strangers for a bit about a certain topic. Anyone...and I mean anyone...can get good at this with enough practice and with enough exposure.

And here's what's super-cool for you: If you combine public speaking with any other skill you become a superhero!

Say for instance you're really great at logo design -- I'm just picking that at random...think of something you're really great at...or think of whatever it is that you do in your online business...but for now, let's just use logo design as an example.

So let's say you're really good at that. What could you do if you combined that with public speaking? Geeze, you could go to business meetups or networking events and give a 2-minute schpeel on how having a great looking logo can double a business's revenue.

Do you think that would help grow your business? You bet! See, with a reasonable amount of skill and an ability to speak to strangers, you now stand out from anyone else who has the same skills as you -- other logo designers, for example.

You're now in a different league. And what's amazing is, public speaking is universal. Pair it with any other skill, any business, any product or service...and you're now in a different league.

Most importantly, remember that you don't have to be the best in the world. The key word here is "reasonable." You could even be an average or "kinda good" public speaker...that still puts you ahead of 98% of everyone else!

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