Hope Isn’t A Strategy (Get More Concrete!)

Hope isn't good enough. Hope isn't a strategy or a gameplan. You can't "hope" that your business will be successful. You can't hope that the "magical big idea" you've come up with for a "breakthrough" product or service will sell very, very well.

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You can't hope that potential customers will buy. You can't hope that your audience will find you online. Hope isn't a strategy...it's a daydream...that often turns into a nightmare.

Hope implies a Hail Mary shot. Hope implies that we're gonna put in a minimal amount of effort...into our business, into understanding our audience and their needs...even into our products, our marketing, and our customer support. Hope implies minimal effort on our part...with incredible results.

Does that sound like a good strategy -- to just hope and pray and dream that things will just "work out" in our favour?

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Who knows, maybe things will work out...but more often than not, it's a matter of being very, very intentional and precise in the strategies and actions we take. Doing this -- being very intentional and purposeful in our actions and the steps we take -- swings probably so greatly in our favour that, with continued, concentrated effort...that on a long enough timeline, success is all but guaranteed. But, the trick is to know WHAT to do. What steps to take.

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