Handing Customer Objections – Don’t Fear Objections!

You know what an objection is, right? This is when a potential customer of yours points out some kind of perceived flaw, shortcoming, or nit-picky thing about your product or service. You know, something like...

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"Well you know, it'd really be better if it came in blue."

"It seems pretty expensive."

"Will your product also do this?"

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And a lot of business owners don't like dealing with this sort of stuff. In fact, very often these sorts of concerns and objections are ignored by business owners, marketers, and salespeople. In other words, often we're afraid to address them!

But it's sorta like walking into your brother's wedding with a fresh mowhawk and face tattoo...nobody's gonna miss 'em...everyone can see 'em...and everyone's thinking about 'em!

So rather than ignore, shy away from, or pretend that blatantly obvious things don't exist...instead step up and address them directly. So, something like...

"And you're probably wondering if it comes in blue"

"And I'm sure you're wondering how much value you'll get at this price"

"And you might be curious to know if it can also do this..."

Cuz remember, these questions are very likely on your prospect's mind. By addressing them directly, before your potential customer brings them up, you're being pro-active.

You're telling your customer that you've done your homework...that you know what their concerns and issues are...and that you're already one step ahead of them and have resolved them ahead of time. And that's huge for creating trust with them.

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