Grow Your Online Business – 3 Big Actions You Can Take Today!

What do you think would help grow your business? Business cards? A sweet-looking logo? New office furniture? Getting onto the hottest new social media platform? Unfortunately, none of these things are foundational to business.

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Nor will any of these guarantee sales. Instead, these things are more like "sprinkles on top" But for whatever reason, they get all the hype and attention.

First, you need to determine who it is you want to work with and serve. Here, it isn't about targeting the biggest market or a market that's "set to explode" or anything like that.

Instead, really, it's about determining the group of people you WANT to work with...who you WANT to serve. And here's a big clue to help get you started: Very, very likely it's a group of people, an audience, a market that you're already a part of.

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Is that home music recording enthusiasts? Busy moms who love to bake healthy treats for her kids? Rock climbing enthusiasts who are pressed to get "wall time" in?

So ask yourself: What kinds of people do you want to work with and serve, day in and day out? Only you can answer that.

Once you've determined the sort of audience you want to work with, the next question is: What are their biggest pains and problems? What do they struggle with? What frustrates them? More specifically, what frustrates them and what do they struggle with...that you can fix?

Even more specifically, what's a big problem they have that they're struggling with...that they're willing to pay to solve...that you can fix for them at a profit? Now we're really on to something!

And once you've uncovered a painful problem that the sorts of people you want to work with have...and they're willing to pay for a solution...and you can solve it for them at a profit...then the third step is to develop your pain-solving solution into a rough prototype.

Here, it doesn't have to be perfect or even complete. It simply has to demonstrate to your prospective market that it can solve a particular problem. And once you've developed a prototype, all you need to do is begin showing it to the sorts of people you'd like to serve.

That's really all there is to taking the first steps on your business journey!

Notice that none of the things I've mentioned here have anything to do with "playing business" or looking the part of "entrepreneur" or "startup owner"...whatever that might mean to you. No mention of foil-embossed business cards, a clever logo, or ______.

None of this has anything to do with hot social media strategies, surefire ad campaigns, or complex sales methods. Instead, it's just honest hard grunt work of what being an entrepreneur is REALLY all about.

Hope you enjoyed. See ya next time!

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