Get Started With Selling Online – Feeling Queazy? Consider THIS!

You've gone to all the effort to create a great product, launch an online business, build a passionate audience...but maybe you're having a hard time with selling. Maybe you're resistant to it. Let's discuss...

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I understand and empathize. (It's because consciously or unconsciously, you know that you're trying to get someone to do something that's in YOUR best that YOU can get the sale, the commission, the most benefit.

You know, consciously or unconsciously, that a transaction is taking place, and that you want this other person to do something -- to buy from you. And you're nervous or uncomfortable about trying to get someone to do something. maybe it doesn't make you feel very a scammer or a con artist.)

But there's a huge misunderstanding about selling. It isn't about having enough confidence or overcoming fear (watch Catch Me If You Can -- that con artist was brimming with confidence). It's a simple misunderstanding about selling.

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If you understood what selling really was, you wouldn't be afraid of it at all. How do I know this? Because my guess is that you're a genuinely good person. That you want to help people, and don't want to take advantage of anyone or scam people.

And this is why you're resistant and fearful of selling. Your resistance and fear about selling comes from your good nature. You don't want to feel scammy or dirty. You don't want to be called a sellout. You don't want people to dislike you.

It's tied to fear of criticism, fear of judgement, and fear of rejection. Accept the fact that not everyone will like you -- that's the first step. It isn't you, it's just math. Those people were never going to buy from you anyway. They're not your prospect or your customer.

People who criticize or attack you probably feel entitled to your work at no cost. They don't see the value in your work. They criticize the idea of engaging in a transaction with you either because they want your work at no cost to them, or they have no interest in your work.

If they have no interest in your work, they shouldn't even know who you are. And if they don't value your work...I mean, I wouldn't demand someone come cut my grass and re-shingle my roof for free, and then criticize them if they won't comply.

And I wouldn't spend time criticizing them online about it either. This is the mindset of a freeloader. I think their brain has malfunctioned. They don't understand how transactions work.

So in short, if you know you're coming from a good place, if you know your products and services truly help the sorts of people you want to work with...then you'd be short-changing them by NOT telling them all about it.

And as for everyone else? Well, if they aren't in your target audience -- that narrow market subset of people you want to serve and work with -- then their opinion is irrelevant.

It would be like someone criticizing your favourite movie...who's never even seen it! Who cares...let them think want they want. Don't put your attention and energy on people who aren't even a part of your target audience!

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