Find Your Target Market – Zero In And Get CLEAR!

Let's get specific. REALLY specific. Who EXACTLY does your online business serve? What specific, narrow, niche sub-market of people who share a special interest do you want to serve in your business?

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"Anyone who wants to lose weight" isn't specific enough. That's way too mucky and vague. Instead, you've gotta get way, way more crispy. If you're helping people lose weight, for example, get more specific. "Anyone" is too mucky and undefined.

So narrow it down. Replace "anyone" with a more specific group or sub-group of people...for example, "busy law professionals," "middle-aged dads," or "new moms." Getting more specific like this narrows things down and gets you really clear on who you're serving.

For example, narrowing things down like this takes us from "Anyone who likes to lose weight" to "Busy law professionals who want to lose weight," "Middle-aged Dads who want to lose weight," and "New moms who want to lose weight."

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Now admittedly, narrowing things down and zeroing in on a specific group of people like this takes some guts -- it takes some courage. That's because by specifying a narrow group of people, you're risking NOT targeting anyone're risking NOT paying attention to most of the market of potential customers.

But really, you aren't excluding anyone at all. If you happen to be in the weightloss business serving "busy law professionals" for example, if an accountant or town planner signed up for your services, you wouldn't tell them to "get lost!" would you?!

Instead, by narrowing your focus, what you're doing is creating contrast and uniqueness in the marketplace -- you're differentiating your business from all others. By zeroing in on a sub-market, now you stand for something. You're unique not generic. And that's incredibly powerful for your business!

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