Find Your Audience – One CRUCIAL Consideration!

I talk quite a bit about getting down to the nitty gritty in terms of discovering, selecting, and targeting a specific audience, a special interest group, for your business and whatever it is that your'e selling.

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And here's one mandatory audience selection rule I have: Make sure that the audience you want to serve is willing and able to spend money to solve their problems. Serving broke musicians is a non-option. College students are very likely a no-go. Non-profits are gonna be a tough sell. So are schools. Restaurant and other service-based businesses are notoriously tight-fisted.

The audience you ultimately wind up serving has to recognize and see value in spending money to solve their problems. They have to be open to the idea of spending some money and investing in themselves to reach their goals.

Here's what I mean. If you and I put our heads together, could we develop products or services that would make the lives of musicians, cafe owners, or art students easier? I'm sure we could! Problem is, most of 'em won't buy from us. Why? Not because we didn't create a truly pain-solving solution for them. Not because what we developed doesn't's cuz these kinds of folks, who are otherwise good people, simply don't see the value.

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And very often, trying to convince these sorts of fine folks otherwise is an exercise in brick wall head bashing.

So while we could help them, very often it isn't profitable to do so. So as you begin the process of figuring out just WHO you'll serve, make sure it's a group of people who see and understand the value you're offering -- people who understand that if they spend money, they can improve their lives. That's the goal.

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