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Talent? Natural ability? We like to tell ourselves that these things are important. But really...they're not. Talent, skill, and ability are only one part...the smallest an overall recipe.

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Yet the myth persists. We say to ourselves, "I'm not talented enough...I can't do that." But that's just laziness. And besides, we're terrible judges of our abilities. After all, we're around ourselves all the time! And for us, the things that we do are normal, regular, and average.

So really, it's very difficult to objectively assess your own abilities...especially the things that come naturally. That's not always the case -- sometimes we can confidently say, "I can do that, no problem." But other times, we can't self-assess.

This is where trusted outside assistance is needed. We recognize abilities and skills others have that they totally take for granted...and other people do the same for us. So anytime someone says, "Woah, how'd you do that?" Stop and pay attention!

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Now earlier I said that it was like a recipe. Skill and ability is just one part. Really, you need more. You need the right combination of skills for whatever it is that you'd like to do...for whatever kind of online business you'd like to build.

So maybe it begins with an audit: "This is what I have in mind, this is what I'd like to build. What skills, knowledge, abilities, and information do I need?" And then, it's simply a matter of gathering them up (or if you want, hiring them).

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