Feel Like Quitting? Consider This FIRST!

Okay, here's the game: You have to throw a dart at a dartboard and get a bullseye, okay? And if you nail a bullseye, you win $10 million! How's that sound?

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BUT, there's a catch: You have to throw the dart with your weaker hand. So if your'e right-handed, you have to throw with your left hand...and if you're left-handed you have to throw with your right hand.

The good news is, you can throw the dart (with your weaker hand, of course) as many times as you'd like. In other words, you get an unlimited number of tries. You can try as often as you like, for as long as you like, until the day you die.

So let me ask you, when would you quit? You know, I've actually asked a few people this exact question, and I'm surprised to say that a lot of people would say they'd quit.

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People have told me things like, "Oh geeze, I don't think I'd keep going after 10!" Or they kind of get angry with me, "Who set up this game? It's totally rigged!" I'm actually surprised by a lot of these answers!

What about you? When would you quit? After your first throw? Your fifth? After you've clumsily lobbed ten darts into the rafters? Would you keep throwing after 50 tries? I think it's safe to say that most people would eventually get frustrated, give up, and quit.

But there's $10 million on the line and you get unlimited do-overs! And couldn't you say that it's the same stakes for your business, too? Maybe it isn't $10 million you want, but instead, just a comfortable lifestyle...but you still get unlimited do-overs. So why quit?

Back to our dart analogy, if you threw the dart for 8 hours a day for a week, would you keep trying? What about after a month? Or how about after a year? If you've ever learned a new skill, like a new instrument or a new language, or anything really...

...then you know full well that right off the bat, you stink! It's like throwing a dart with your weak hand. But, the more you try, over and over, the better you get. Believe it or not, but with enough time and practice...

...you could get really, really good at nailing bullseyes with a dart thrown from your weaker hand. And the same holds true for your online business, too. The biggest problem with business -- especially online business -- is unrealistic expectations. People quit way, way too early.

They hit their first obstacle or challenge, and go "See? This is way too hard! Forget it I quit..." and they walk away leaving all that prize money, leaving the life they dream of for themselves and their family, on the table. And they slink back to the comfort of their day job.

And that's fine. There's nothing wrong with being an employee if that's what you decide to do. Just know that for most employees, life starts out easy and gets harder and harder -- the opposite to our dart game.

For true entrepreneurs and business owners, the opposite is true: Life starts out incredibly hard...incredibly difficult and filled with obstacles, problems, and challenges. But those who keep with it...well, they learn over time how they can start easily nailing bullseyes with their weaker hand.

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