Fake Entrepreneur Lifestyle (Social Media BULL!)

The sneaky thing about social media is that we don't see what they don't want us to see. We don't know what they don't want us to know. All we see is a still photo of the "business guru" on a private jet...or the video of them in a Lambo.

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The sneaky thing about video as a medium is that you don't see anything that's *just* out of frame. I read an article recently that exposed an LA photographer who'd built the set of a private jet in his studio...specifically for social media influencers.

I cannot think of a more poser, loser thing to do. In fact, anytime I see stuff like this on social these days, I'm assuming it's staged. I'm assuming the car's rented, the house isn't theirs, that they changed their clothes and makeup just for this shot.

In fact, a while ago, I saw a video that absolutely floored me. It was some "online business lifestyle guru coach...whatever!" who featured lamborghinis, mansions, exotic locations, and bikini-clad girls all throughout the video. He claimed he'd dropped out of high school, and just 10 short months later had made millions.

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And you know what? That's cool if it's true. Good for him. And if it is true, I don't get why he'd want to brag about his lifestyle all over the internet, but whatever. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt for a sec. But things suddenly got dark...

He then began encouraging other kids to buy his online program (four digits, I think) drop out of high school too, and become one of his followers...and they too could become fabulously wealthy, just like him.

Frankly, it's disgusting. I've seen a lot of this garbage online and I'm sure you have too...but this one takes the cake on the non-existence of morals or ethics. In reality, this kid was probably dead broke and living with his parents.

The truth is, it takes hard freakin' work to build a real, genuine business. It's often mundane, unexciting, boring, unsexy, frustrating, even defeating.

These social media "lifestyle" gurus are selling you on THEM. They want your attention, your eyeballs, your clicks, likes, and follows...so that they can get what they really want: Into your wallet to pitch you their garbage "guaranteed to riches" program.

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