Fake Business Gurus – Beware Internet “Experts”

Here's the biggest problem with internet "experts": To people who are actively searching online, looking for answers, they don't know what htey don't know -- and hey, there's nothing wrong with that. We all have to start somewhere anytime we start somethign new, right?

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And so when we're beginners, anyone who knows more than us is perceived as an expert. And in particular, someone who has a huge social media following, who consistently publsihes content on a specific topic, simply must be an expert, right?

To outsiders, they appear as experts. But guess what? To insiders, to those "in the know" -- the real, true experts -- they look clueless.

I was following one "online expert" for a while who posted content around woodworking and construction. But as I gained more experience (and honestly, most of this stuff is just common sense and keeping your fingers out of the way!) a few things this person would say in their videos didn't seem to line up for me. Sure enough, I check the comment section and a few people are making similar observations.

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One damning comment went something like, "I've been in construction for over 10 years. I came here to learn...[topic]...and I can't believe what I'm seeing. This person may be a "YouTube expert" but they'd be laughed off a job site in the real world."

The point of all this? To be really careful about who's advice we follow online. It's so easy to fake success and expertise on the internet. I see this in the world of online business all the time. Tons of "online experts" make promises of fast, easy profits, rich untapped markets, and easy passive income.

To an outsider, they may appear as experts. But as an insider, it's clear they have no idea what they're talking about. To help you out, at least as far as "online business gurus" are concerned, here are some tell-tale signs, some red flags, of online business fakes:

1) Promises of big, easy profits. This includes easy passive income.

2) Easy, low effort, like untapped opportunities and markets that these fake gurus are so generously sharing with YOU.

3) They feature exotic cars, crazy vacation spots, huge mansions, and supermodels. This stuff isn't what business is about. These things may be the spoils of business if you're good enough and if that's what you choose to spend your money on...but getting these things are not the purpose of business.

These three red-flags, while attractive, are used as bait to get you to sign up for some mastermind or exclusive bootcamp or other junk that never lives up to the hype and promises.

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