Eye On The Prize – Customer Needs Come FIRST!

Here's something crucial to always keep in mind: We're in business first to improve the lives of our customers...and second to make a profit. We have to put our customer's needs first and our needs second...yet nearly everyone has this backwards. They put their need to make money, to make a big profit, to "get rich" first...and their customer's needs, problems, challenges, and biggest issues aren't much more than an afterthought.

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But guess what? Your customer's needs, problems, concerns, challenges, and issues are THEIR biggest concern...just like your biggest concerns are yours.

As business owners, we need to temporarily put our needs and problems aside and focus on helping our customers solve their problems first. Why? Well, think about it: If a business owner puts their needs first...and a potential customer has their needs first too...who wins in this "needs" tug of war?

The customer! Why? Because in a voluntary financial exchange -- which is exactly what the buying process is -- it's a consensual transaction of money for a solution to a problem. The customer gets to decide...not the business owner.

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As a small business owner, you want...maybe even demand...that customers buy. But we can't force anyone to do anything they don't want to. That's why the transaction is consensual and voluntary.

As business owners, all we can do is tell our customers about our solution and all the benefits they'll get, and we can then make them a great offer. The actual buying decision is up to them.

Think about when you're in the role of customer...when you're searching for a solution to difficult problem you have. How does it feel to have a business demanding that you buy from them? How does it feel when a dirtbag salesman tries to "hard sell" you?

It doesn't feel very good, does it? So why would you want to do that to your potential customers? Why would you want the audience you're serving to feel like that?

Being a small business owner is a huge responsibility. It means being honest, taking care of your customers, being a helpful guide, looking out for their best interests, and serving their needs and fixing their problems as best you can.

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