Email Marketing vs Social Media (The REAL Truth!)

Social media platforms get all the attention, don't they? After all, we're told that's where we need to be to grow our online businesses and audiences, right?

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Well, even though this is where all the attention and hype is, social media isn't nearly as cracked up to be -- especially as far as using it to promote your online business.

In fact, several social media platforms are downright hostile to online business. Take, for example, Facebook's policy change several years ago that now makes it impossible for us to reach all the people who follow business Facebook pages.

Imagine spending years to build and cultivate that audience and that community...only for Facebook to one day make a policy change. Overnight, your ability to reach your audience goes to zero.

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Well actually, in truth, it didn't go to zero. It went to 2-3%...meaning that new content posted onto your business Facebook page would now only reach 3% or less of your followers. To access the remaining 97%, you'd have to pay to "boost" your post.

And it's not just Facebook. Ever-changing rules, terms of service, and changes to the algorithms that power these platforms makes it harder to reach our audiences...and then being forced to pay for the privilege means ever-rising costs to market on social media.

Yet many, many businesses, rather than playing ball, are leaving these platforms. And there are alternatives -- very powerful alternatives. Once such alternative, which is very often overlooked and neglected -- gives online business owners complete control and ownership...

...and giant tech corps like FaceBook, Twitter, and other "must-be-on" trendy platforms can't touch it. And that is, email. Regular, old fashioned email has so many advantages over any given social media platform that it's hard to even know where to start. So let's begin with some fundamentals:

Just like on social media, when someone "subscribes" to your email list, really, they're telling you that they're interested in whatever it is that you do, and that they'd like to know more.

But the relationship between you and your email subscriber is much closer and more personal than someone following you on Twitter or even subscribing to you on YouTube or wherever. And that's because the medium -- email -- is much more intimate and private. After all, our inboxes are very private, intimate places, aren't they?

Next, let's talk about reach. Unlike social platforms, the emails you send out to your mailing list actually get seen by your subscribers. Your email lands in their inbox, where they can read it at their leisure.

And best of all, and we've already touched on this, your email list is YOURS. You own it. You can download it to your computer, back it up onto a flash drive, and carry it around in your pocket... fact, I strongly recommend that you do! No one...not Google, Facebook, or anyone else...controls it. Here, they don't get a say. Here, their ever-changing rules, terms of service, and complex algorithms that determine what people see and what they don't...are simply irrelevant.

Every online marketer and online business owner worth their salt knows how powerful email is when it's done right. The trick with email is building a captivated audience of subscribers.

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