Email Marketing vs Blogging – Which One’s Best?

Is email marketing dead? What about blogging -- that's long dead and gone too, isn't it? Hasn't the power and influence of massive social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others totally overshadowed email marketing and blogging...and made dinosaurs out of them?

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No. Not at all in fact. See, here's how it works:

Think of social media platforms as venues...and you're a performer who gets to show up at the venue and put on your show. Who owns the venue? Who owns access to the venue and who determines the audience and who gets to perform? Right -- the social media company.

Giant tech corporations own the platform. They get to decide who gets to perform, what they can perform, and their algorithms determine who gets to see the performance.

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And if you know anything about my work with Ten Ton, you know that CONTROL is one of the most important things us online business owners must have. We have to own and control as much of our online presence as possible.

So while we can optionally use various social media platforms to attract the sorts of people we want to serve, really what we need to do is then bring them back to our home base online...our website.

And this brings us back to the topic at hand: Email marketing versus blogging. Here, it isn't so much a matter of either / or -- EITHER email marketing OR blogging -- instead, it's both.

As already mentioned, we can optionally use social media platforms to attract our audience...and we can also use blogging to do the exact same thing.

If we create and structure our articles and posts correctly, they'll get picked up by Google and start showing up in search results. So really, blogging is just another tool (like social media) for attracting your audience online.

And once they wind up on your website, then what? Well next, you'll want a way to continue the relationship with you'll need some way to encourage them to sign up to your email list. This is the second part of the equation.

And no, "sign up for our newsletter" doesn't cut the mustard. Instead, give them something that they'd find really valuable in exchange for their email address.

So when considering blogging or email marketing (or even social media) again, it isn't a case of either /'s BOTH

Hope you enjoyed. See ya next time!

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