Domain Name vs Web Hosting – Fundamentals EXPLAINED!

If you're unclear, your domain name is your website address, or URL, that people use to navigate to your business’s website. Your web hosting is simply the space where you store your website.

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If it helps, think of your domain name as the address to send mail to your house...and your web hosting as your actual physical house -- it's the same with your business's website. Now here's what's cool:

Imagine being able to actually own your home's street address, and you were able to "point" your address to any physical location in the world. That’s how domain names and web hosting works.

So while the space that your home occupies can change locations, the address to get there is fixed. I hope that makes sense. If you’re having trouble wrapping your head around this concept, here’s another analogy:

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If I phoned your cell phone right now, does it matter where you're physically located? If you’re at work, at the park, or in your car, I can still reach you, right? So long as I know your number (how to reach you), it doesn’t matter where you’re physically located.

This is exactly the same idea as domain names and web hosting -— it doesn’t matter what web host is storing your website...all your visitors need is the right address to find it.

Now as you probably know, many web hosts also allow you to also register a domain name for your business during the sign-up process. So as you’re signing up for your hosting, you can simultaneously sign up for a domain name. In fact, many web hosts advertise a free domain when you register.

And it makes sense that these two services are bundled together -- they're related after all, right? But the problem with this is that it ties your domain name to your web hosting...and it can be very difficult to separate the two.

What does this mean for you and your online business? It means less control and autonomy for you.

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