Does SEO Matter Anymore? (Get The CLEAR Truth!)

Are we too late? Are Google, YouTube, and the web overall completely oversaturated? Is it worthwhile to bother with SEO and trying to rank our web pages in search?

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Is it even worth it to try and publish videos on YouTube or try to use some other social media platform to bring people back to our home base on the web, our website? Well guess what? People were asking those sorts of questions 10 years ago.

And 10-20 years from now, we'll look back and go, "Man, those were the good old days. It was so much easier then!" Remember that the internet is still very young. Really, we've only had the commercial web as we know it for about 20 years.

Look at how long the concept of newspaper publishing, book publishing, television, and radio have been around. Imagine someone in the 1980s saying, "Eh, radio's completely isn't worthwhile anymore...forget it!"

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So let me ask you: Does Google look like it's struggling? Remember, the core of their business is search. And for online business owners like you and I, that means SEO is still a viable strategy...maybe now more than ever. And obviously, Google and the internet aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

So while it might seem like your competitors might have a head start on you, there's still plenty of room. Only about half the world's population is online. And besides, even if things look oversaturated, if you have a strong work ethic, you can easily out-work others.

You can publish web content to rank in the search engines more frequently than they do, optimize your content better than they do, and you can play the long game longer and harder than they do.

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