Do Subscribers Matter On YouTube? (Uncover The TRUTH!)

If you're using social media as a way to share helpful and useful content for your target audience, then it's very easy to get caught up with metrics like views, subscribers, likes, followers, and so on. EVERYONE focuses on these. This is what EVERYONE wants. But guess what?

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Shares and likes don't matter!

As an example, my best-performing video on YouTube has 170k views and does NOTHING for me, my business, or my bank account. In fact on YouTube, subscriber count only accounts for 2-5% of your views. Seriously, go look at big, big channels...and look at how many views their videos get.

Now this isn't always the case. Sometimes a video will have more views that the channel has subscribers. But by and large, video views will only be 2-5% of the channels subscriber count. Why is that?

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Because subscriber count is a metric that says, "here's how many people follow this channel over the entire lifetime of the channel." It's like a half-hearted non-committal vote. "Yeah sure, I'll follow you."

So while having a big sub count can maybe help a's not all it's cracked up to be. In other words, it's the wrong metric to pay attention to. This is because subscriber count or follower count is uncorrelated to your online business's revenue.

If you decide to go the paid ad route on YouTube for example (which I don't suggest as the core of your business), here you get paid per x-number of views. So here subscriber count doesn't matter. Instead the two metrics that matter are watch time and view count.

Subscriber count on YouTube or number of followers on some other social media platform is the equivalent to number of RSS subscribers on your blog. All that number means is, in the lifetime of your blog, how many people have clicked "subscribe?"

It doesn't indicate how many people come back and view your content each month. It doesn't indicate how many people joined your online business's mailing list...and of course, it doesn't indicate at all what your online business's revenue is.

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