Do I Need A Lot Of Subscribers – Surprising TRUTH!

Here's a big myth in email marketing: You don't need a lot of subscribers. In other words, you don't need a massive list.

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Instead what you need are the RIGHT kinds of subscribers -- the sorts of people who are a part of your target sub-market...the sorts of people who are very interested in you, your online business, and in your pain-solving products and services.

Given the choice, it's way, way better to be featured on a niche website that serves your exact target market than it is to be featured in the Huffington Post or The Wall Street Journal.

It's way, way better to have a list of 100 responsive, engaged subscribers than a list of 1000 disinterested strangers. So the critical task here is NOT to build a big list, but to build an active list -- a list of people who are excited to hear from you, open your emails, follow your links...

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...and when the time is right...take you up on your offers. So how do you build an active, responsive list in the first place? Really, it comes down to keeping your list lean 'n clean...which means scrubbing inactive users who've gone dark, who no longer open your emails or follow your links...

...and it comes down to building a closer relationship with the folks who DO open your emails and follow your links. This takes time, but building a relationship and demonstrating your credibility and authority is exactly how you build a lean, responsive, and active list around your online business.

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