Difference Between Successful And Unsuccessful Entrepreneurs – You’re CLOSER Than You Think!

The only difference between successful people and non-successful people is 1) What they know (knowledge, skills -- skill stack), 2) What they believe (mindset, worldview), 3) What they can get themselves to consistently do (habits).

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It isn't education, connections, or skill. It isn't the family they were born into, the college they went to, or how lucky they are. There are plenty of rags to riches stories to disprove these sorts of things.

Instead, it simply boils down to the distinctions they've made -- the clarity they've gotten. What if you were just 10 distinctions away from your dream life? What if you knew you were only 5 big distinctions away? What would you do?

If you're smart -- and you're no dummy -- then you'd start knocking down those distinctions as quickly as you could. You'd hit the library, dig through books, slog through blog posts and podcasts...do whatever it takes to find the answers you need, right?

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Listen, on any given business topic...(pick a topic: Pricing, branding, content marketing, e-commerce...doesn't matter)...there are two separate realities:

There's the reality that's created by our opinion, and then there's ACTUAL reality and fact. If you believe, for example, that people won't pay very much for your product, that OPINION (not fact) creates your reality.

Meanwhile, a completely alternative reality exists alongside this imaginary reality that says that people are indeed willing to pay a lot for a product like yours.

So each distinction you make in business is knocking down a false belief you have about reality and how things work. And I don't know about you, but what I want most is to not live in a hallucination, but to rely as much as possible on objective facts.

And as for making distinctions, think of it like this: Next time you're out on the highway, look for the mile markers along the side of the road. These mile markers are like distinctions...and the more we pass, the closer we get to wherever we're going.

Some people are just starting out. Others have been on this road for years and years and have passed hundreds or even thousands of mile marker distinctions. If you've only passed one or two, keep going. Again, what if you're only 5 or 10 distinctions away from where you want to go?

The business world is littered with stories of people who were just a few steps away from their destination...but they couldn't get themselves to keep going. They quit too soon. They quit because they had false beliefs in their heads that they mistook for fact and reality.

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