Difference Between Marketing And Selling – Get Clear!

Promoting your online business and building an audience around you, your products and services, and the work you do is one of the biggest challenges you'll face. I'll tell you directly, there are no shortcuts and no quick, easy fixes...and anyone who's telling you there is...

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...well, let's just say grab your wallet and run! Really, all that's involved is a few simple, straightforward steps that you engage in over and over and over again over a prolonged period of time. Now all this said, it's important to get clear on a few things.

Let's make a few distinctions here. First, let's nail down marketing. What is marketing? Well, marketing is the intentional effort on your part as an online business owner to actively tell your target market -- the specific group of people you wish to serve -- about your online business, your products, and your services.

Now what's great here is that nearly all of your marketing efforts can be automated. Done right, your marketing can run itself, and functions as an army of 100 top salesmen would. Really, I suppose you could say that marketing done right is sales multiplied. Or, you could say that marketing is macro-selling.

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So what about selling? Well first, this isn't the sleazy, slimy dirtbag kinda stuff that you're probably thinking about...you know, used car salesman, door-to-door, heavy-handed, hard-closing sales tactics kinda stuff. That's all an example of ONE thing:

Bad sales! Instead, what if you saw "sales" as teaching, informing, guiding...and then ultimately letting your potential customer make up their own mind? So in other words, sales could be thought of a sort of...

..."Hey, this is a big problem you have. And it's costing you in this way and in this way. Yet there's a solution that will give you benefit, benefit, and benefit. Here's how you can find out more if you think it's a good fit."

No pressure. No hard sell. No hard closes. So here, you could think of sales as micro-marketing.

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