Develop Killer Skills – What Successful People Know & Do That The Rest Of Us Don’t

Here's what super-successful people do: They use their natural interests, preferences, and passions as a foundation to construct a unique set of skills -- skills that are in demand, hold market value, and that other people are willing to pay for.

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This set of skills is what's called a Skill Stack. This is a concept popularized by a number of people, including Scott Adams of Dilbert fame. Here are a few interesting points about all this:

1) It's a myth that you have to be "the best in the world" at one thing. Truly successful people (however you want to define that) have a mixture of skills.

For example, you might be the best drummer in the world or the world's greatest tango dancer, but if you don't have complimentary skills to go with these, then they aren't much use to you beyond personal enjoyment. And this leads us perfectly into the next point:

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2) Obtaining complimentary skills. This is what your Skill Stack is really all about -- it's a stack, or a collection, of skills and abilities that compliment each other, that increase your probability of success.

If our "best in the world" drummer or tango dancer want to make a career for themselves, what additional skills could they develop to increase their probabilities of reaching this goal? Sure, geographic location, connections, their personal situation, and other issues factor in, but what else can they develop?

What other interests and skills do they have, or could they develop? For instance, if you know who Jimmy Diresta is, then you know that his skill stack goes, "General Contractor Skills + Creativity + Video Recording & Editing" or if you follow Adam Savage and Tested, then his goes, "Prop Building + Engineering + Social Media + Childlike Curiosity"

Here's the next point: Super-successful people use their natural abilities, interests, and preferences as the foundation for their Skill Stack. It all starts here. Initially, they follow what comes naturally to them...and then they build on top.

And by the way, this includes accumulating skills, knowledge, and abilities that they may not be all that interested in...but they add them to their skill stack anyway because they compliment the skills they already have.

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