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Heyo! How's it going my friend this is Geoff from Ten Ton Online. One of the big things I talk about quite often, and I even covered it in my book, Online Business Building Blocks, is developing a unique set of valuable and complimentary skills. You could call this a "talent stack" or a "skill stack." And what's incredible is, your skill stack is much more valuable than the sum of it's parts.

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Here's an example: What if you took your skills in building, making, and fixing things...and combined it with video creation and editing. Each of these skills by themselves are great...but when combined together they become much more valuable. In fact, you wind up getting a Jimmy Diresta, an Adam Savage, and others.

In fact, very often you can combine contradictory skills...or skills that wouldn't normally go create something truly unique.

Would you like some examples? Remember how Gary Vee started out with WineLibraryTV? So how about wine expertise with loud, unapologetic ranting?

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How about a tax expert who's grumpy and doesn't mince words? How about stock advice from a sweet, caring grandmother?

Every single character we love in TV or movies has some sort of paradox or contradiction: He’s a serial killer, but he only goes after the worst criminals -- plus he works for the police. And that’s why I loved the show Dexter. Or how about Walter White from Breaking Bad? He's a school teacher and a family man, and he's also a criminal meth dealer. Now that's a contradiction! The people who intrigue us the most have personality traits that contradict one another. The pious, meek priest isn't all that interesting because it's expected. But how about a priest who smokes, gambles, and curses like a trucker? Now THAT'S interesting!

And you know what this really is? Seeds for a great personal brand. So whether it's a personality trait that's contradictory to a skill, or a collection of two or more complimentary skills...or however you want to work things, think about how you can pull together skills to create something truly unique for yourself...and have fun!

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