Determine Your Target Market – CLEAR Steps To BEGIN!

As you continue developing your online business, one important thing you'll need to do is determine what audience your business will serve. This is the narrow sub-market, the special interest group, that you'll be targeting. And figuring this out does take some time and effort.

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To help get you started, first think about groups of people that you already belong to. In other words, what audiences are you already a part of? Are you into cross-fit or rigorous outdoor extreme sports? Or maybe you're very much into restaurant-quality recipes in your own kitchen.

Or maybe needlepoint portraits of celebrities is your thing...who knows, right?! Really, what you want to do here is think about what specific, narrow, special interest groups you're already a part of -- and each of us are a part of more than just a few, right?

And this is a great place to start when you're trying to figure out what audience your online business will serve. Serving an audience that you're already a part of means you already know a lot about the people you want to help, serve, and work with in your business.

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You're already in their shoes, struggling with what they also struggle with, facing the same problems they face. Maybe you've travelled their path and gone through some learning curves already and you can help show this group of people a better way.

So try to think of a handful of sub-markets or sub-cultures that you're already a part of, that you understand very well. Write 'em down. These are groups of people you could potentially serve in your online business.

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