Customers Don’t Buy Products They Buy…THIS! (Let’s Discuss)

People don't buy products or services. REPEAT: People do NOT buy products or services. What do people buy then? People buy solutions to problems. See, to online business owners like you and I, we think we're selling products and services.

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But from the customer's perspective, they don't want to buy those things. They aren't interested in t-shirts, music, online courses, or whatever it is we're selling. They don't want those things. This is why we can't say, "Hey, wanna buy my online course?"

Instead, they're actively looking for solutions to their painful problems...problems that our products and services can help solve.

So if you are struggling to make sales, it could very well be because you're trying to sell solutions (remember, in the eyes of your market that's what your products and services are)'re trying to sell solutions to problems that don't exist.

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It's like this: "Hey I've got this really great piece of wood. It's maybe an inch wide by half an inch thick by three inches. It's like a little block of wood. And it's only $12. Wanna buy it? Why not? You can use it for all sorts of things!"

You're likely sitting there going, "No! Why would I want that? What would I ever use that for?" But if I told you that I could help you increase sales in your online business by following just a few clear, simple steps...are you interested?

Would you care necessarily what format all this came in -- a book, an online course, or via a Zoom call? The actual product or service (a book, a live online course, or whatever) is secondary.

If you perked up with some interest when I mentioned being able to help you increase your sales, it was the SOLUTION to your painful problem that got your attention, not the actual form (that is, the product or service) that the solution came in.

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