Customer Testimonials – Important For Your Business!

You know what testimonials are, right? Short statements of endorsement from your previous customers, right? Sure. But really, testimonials are much more than this. Testimonials provide proof, create trust and credibility, and minimize risk for your potential customers.

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See cuz here's the might sound kinda cold and harsh but it's the truth: For your potential customers, buying from you seems risky. And don't take it personally...buying from anyone is risky!

In any kind of financial transaction, it's the buyer who's taking the risk. They're the ones putting their money on the line...and their money represents their security. It's kind of a big deal when you think about it.

And so your product or service offer is making them a promise...and they're being asked to take a risk and trust you. And of course, your potential customer doesn't want to risk losing their money or wasting their time.

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To help sooth their concerns, you can use testimonials. Your testimonials tell new customers, "Hey, other people have gone ahead before you...and have gotten great results after buying from this business." So in this way, testimonials serve as a badge of trust.

In other words, someone else just like them has gone ahead, taken the risk and plunged in...and not only survived, but gotten amazing results once they used your product or service.

So if you have some testimonials already from some of your happy, satisfied customers...use 'em! And if you don't have any testimonials yet...get 'em fast! All you've gotta do is reach out to a few customers and ask. If they're happy with you, then they'll be happy to help!

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