Creating Big Reasons “Why” (That’ll Carry You Through)

In order to push through Resistance and push past the obstacles that will block your way, you'll need some really big, really motivating reasons "why" your objective is so important to you. "I want to make $50,000 per month" isn't a big enough "why." "I want to own a Lamborghini" isn't a big enough "why." "I want to buy expensive things so that other people will like me" is definitely not a big enough "why."

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These things won't sustain you through the long, dark trek to your ultimate objective of small business ownership and financial independence. Instead, you need "why's" that hit you on a much deeper emotional level.

How about, "To take care of my Dad during his retirement years?" How about, "I want my wife and kids to be proud of me?" How about, "I want to be able to support my church, food bank, and homeless shelter?"

Now we're talking.

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If your flight went down over the Andes and you somehow survived, what thoughts would sustain you while you waited to be rescued?

Imagine a guy standing in the middle of the plane wreckage, fire and twisted metal everywhere, yelling, "I'm gonna get out of here so I can buy a Rolls Royce Phantom and a Maurice Lacroix ["La-Qua"] watch so everyone will think I'm amazing!"

We'd eat him first.

No -- You'd think of your wife. Your husband. Your children. Your friends and your community. You'd think about that charity that you'd always wanted to support or the book you've always wanted to write...the places you'd always wanted to visit and the things you wanted to do.

Now those are some really big "why's!"

So develop a list of very powerful "why's." Not one or two...more like four or five. If they're really enticing to you, then they'll carry you through any possible obstacle you'll encounter.

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