Creating A Website For Your Business – Follow This Workflow!

If you'd like a workflow or a checklist for getting your website and your online business set up, then it would go like this...

Show Notes

Here are links and resources mentioned in today's video. Enjoy!


First, you'll need to register your domain name. If you aren't sure, your domain name is the address or URL to your website -- it's kinda like a street address for your website. What's important to note here is that you can never OWN your domain name.

Instead, you have to renew it periodically...and if you don't, you risk losing it! In order to register your domain name, you'll need to use what's called a "domain name registrar."

There are plenty to choose from, but in the Show Notes below, I'll leave a link to my recommended registrar as well as links to tutorials that'll walk you through the entire process.

Learn how to build your small business website!

Next, you'll need to sign up for web hosting. Your hosting is simply the space online where your website is stored. You have plenty of web hosts to choose from...many are fantastic...however some are pretty terrible and it can be difficult to know which hosts are good and which ones aren't.

To help you get started, once again I'll leave some links and resources for you in the Show Notes below. Now you may have seen web hosts who offer you a free domain name when you sign up...and you might be wondering why I've separated these two.

That's because you want to set yourself up in the best way possible...and that means keeping all your main web services separate. This means using different vendors for your domain name and your web hosting.

And that free domain they're promising you? You'll actually often wind up paying MORE if you go with a "free" domain name from a web host...because usually, it's only free for the first year.

Now once you've registered your domain name and signed up for hosting, the next step is to point your domain name to your web host. This is probably the most technical part of the entire process...but once again, I have tutorials for you! Just check those Show Notes if you need a hand.

Meanwhile, at this point, you only have two more website components to set up -- and the order that you handle them doesn't really matter. So...let's talk about your website email first. Here, what I'm talking about is the branded email accounts that you'll use with your website and online business.

So, you might have "" or ""...that sort of thing. And make sure to use a "branded" email account like these and NOT a gmail account or yahoo or hotmail or whatever. This looks totally unprofessional.

And just like your domain name and web hosting, I strongly suggest that you use a separate vendor for your business email. This again keeps you in completely control over your online business. And if you need some suggestions and some tutorials for setting this up...hit those Show Notes!

Okay finally, you'll need to decide HOW you're going to build your online business website. That is, what tools, what platform, what methods will you use? I strongly, strongly recommend that you use WordPress...for a whole host of reasons.

For example, it's very easy for new users to get started with, but also packs a ton of power and experienced users can dig into it's backend and fully customize it. Further, WordPress can handle any kind of online business you have in mind. Again, head for those Show Notes for more info.

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