Content Marketing vs Paid Advertising – Side-By-Side Comparison!

You can build all the traffic you need with nothing more than consistent article writing. Or if writing isn't your thing, you can get the same results by using video. You can forget about expensive paid ads, you can forget about social media. Just write consistent articles or post videos consistently.

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And a big, important factor to keep in mind that this really is playing a long game. The great thing about paid advertising is that it's a shortcut.

With paid ads, you can have traffic pouring into your website in the next 20 to 30 minutes if you have deep enough pockets and know exactly what you're doing...and that's a big problem with online advertising -- it's dangerous. You really, really need to know what you're doing.

Going with paid traffic is very dangerous and very risky if you don't know what you're doing. Another downside to online ads or going with a paid traffic approach is that the traffic is cold. There's no prior relationship. They don't know who you are.

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And the vast, vast majority of eyeballs who land on your website through a paid ad leave after just a few seconds. So really, the only other option we have as online business owners as an alternative to going with paid ads is consistent content publishing. This is called content marketing.

The big plus here is that the cost is zero -- the only cost is your time. And, it gives our audience lots of time to get to know us. Content marketing gives us the opportunity to develop closer, warmer relationships with the sorts of people we want to help...

And we all want to work with people we know, like, and trust, don't we? The downside with article, blog, or video publishing -- or going with a podcast or something similar if that's more your speed -- is that, as I mentioned a moment ago, it's playing a long game.

It takes time. It takes consistent effort. Finding success with a content marketing strategy is like learning a new skill or learning a new instrument or anything else in isn't going to happen this week or even this month.

Instead, we have to look to the horizon, way out to where our objective is, and show up every single day...or three times a week...or whatever consistency you choose, and just keep publishing no matter what.

And even though it can sometimes be a grind and even though it can take a long time, here's the real magic of content marketing: Once you've written a really great article or created a useful video that helps your target audience, you put out onto the web...where it'll reside essentially forever.

In other words, you create the content once, and it works hard to help your audience over and over and over. What world class investors...whether they're stock investors, real estate moguls or whatever...what they're always after is what's called "asymmetrical risk."

What that means is, they want to take the least amount of risk and get maximum reward. For instance, if they put an initial amount into an investment, their top priority is to get that initial money back as soon as possible.

And once they do, because they now own the asset and because they got their initial investment amount back, any future earnings are pure profit. In this scenario, their return on investment is now not a paltry 3% or 5% or even 10% or 25%. Their ROI is now infinity.

So long as the asset continues providing them with a return...whether it's a real estate investment property, a dividend-yeilding stock, or something else...their ROI is infinity.

Now, can't you and I as online business owners do exactly the same thing? Here's what I mean: I get it, writing articles or creating videos takes time. And, I understand completely how discouraging it can be to publish content over and over and get nothing but crickets.

In fact it can be such a slog that you can COUNT on your potential competitors and new vendors in your market quitting out of frustration. In other words, the competition is LOW because the barrier to entry is too much for most people.

But if you can keep at it, if you can genuinely serve your audience and help them and consistently publish really great content...then that content will get found over and over and over by the exact sorts of people you wish to serve.

I have content that I created once that's still bringing in traffic and eyeballs -- the exact sorts of people I want to serve with in my business -- years and years after it was first published. This level of power and leverage and infinite ROI is something that paid advertising is simply incapable of.

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