Content Marketing Tips For Small Businesses – Put These To Use!

What does publishing content have to do with SEO? Well in other posts, we've talked about narrowing your focus down to specific longtail keywords and keyphrases. So here it's all about creating lots of valuable content related to that specific topic that you narrowed your focus down to

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So, if it's treat bowls for pets, or Formula 1 Ferrari race cars, or whatever else, start creating some content around that topic. What kind of content? Really, there are just three choices:

Written content, video content, and audio content. Think blog posts or articles, videos demonstrations or recorded webinars, or podcasts or audio interviews. So what I'm talking about here is starting a blog, a YouTube channel, or a podcast. I can hear your objections already! Yes, video production hard. So is podcasting.

And do you have to do them all? No, not at all. Writing articles and frequent blog posts is easy to do, so start there. Write about your products, your customers, how they benefit from your services, and so on. Interview them. Publish product reviews, and so on.

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Stick to your unique and specific topic or theme, and create lots of useful content for your visitors. After a period of time, your content will start showing up on search results pages because it's loaded with all that yummy SEO juice -- keywords and keyphrases.

And I need to be clear on one important point here: You're doing this primarily for your visitors and potential customers, not for Google, not for Yahoo, and not for Bing. You're not doing this for SEO first and foremost. You're doing it for your audience.

Write and create content for humans, not for machines. Give your audience lots and lots of great, helpful content. This helps establish you as a valuable resource and as a recognized expert in your field. And that's what's going to draw people to your site, and get them to stay for a while.

So how does this relate to search engine optimization? Strong SEO is the cherry on top. Remember that I just said that your valuable content will be loaded full of juicy keywords that the search engines are gonna love.

Remember, the search engines are looking for websites who are authorities on a set of keywords or keyphrases. So if you do this right, your site's going to get picked up. And the search engines love regular, fresh content.

So, frequently posting valuable, insightful content on your blog is a great way to provide value to your target audience. That's the most important thing, first and foremost. Next, that high value content is loaded full of keywords for the search engines to index.

They love that. And next, the search engines start to recognize you as an authority as you continue publishing regular, fresh content. You win, the search engines win, and most importantly your target audience wins.

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