Content Marketing Research – Key To Attracting Eyeballs!

Creating content online with the intention of magnetically attracting the audience and the sorts of people you enjoy working with hinges on a few key factors. Really, using a content marketing strategy is rooted in exactly the same principles as your entire online business is...

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It's where what you enjoy doing intersects with the accumulated complimentary skills you have...that helps and serves other people. In the context of content marketing, one of the most important components...if not THE most important component, is market research.

How can you know what sorts of content...whether you're publishing articles, videos, how-to guides, audio content of some sort, blog posts, slideshows, or whatever else you have in can you know WHAT to produce, what topics to cover, if you don't know what your audience is looking for?

This is why research is so critically important. Yet, the vast majority of online business owners don't bother with market research. They overlook it, miss it entirely, or don't think it's important at all.

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Intentional, in-depth research allows you to uncover exactly what your customers are looking for, what their pains and challenges are, the questions they're asking, and the issues they're facing. Said another way, think of research as a way of determining exactly WHAT topics and content you should be producing.

So really, the process is much simpler than it's often made out to be. All you've gotta do is find out what your target audience is already searching for, see what aligns with your online business and the sort of work you enjoy and that fulfills you...and then simply produce it!

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