Conduct A Market Survey – Crucial Importance Of RESEARCH!

One option to learn more about the target audience you seek to serve in your online business is to use surveys. A big advantage here is that rather than interviewing people individually, with a survey you can gather feedback faster and on a larger scale.

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Using tools like Google Docs or Survey Monkey makes surveying easy, but all this said, there's a bit of an art to running successful surveys.

First, keep your surveys short 'n sweet. So maybe five or six questions, max. Next, avoid multiple choice questions. Use open-ended questions instead. This allows respondents to share as much as detail they want -- all their ideas, their problems, their pains and challenges, all in their own words.

Now with all this in mind, surveys do bring some challenges. For instance, how do you get people to fill out your survey in the first place? You could try offering people some kind of incentive, like a freebie, a discount, or some kind of bonus.

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But the concern here is that offering some kind of incentive might skew your data. In other words, are respondents giving honest, reliable answers, or do they just want to get it over with so they can get their discount code or free gift?

But let me ask you this: If a friend or someone you liked asked you to answer three or four quick questions, would you help them out? I know I would. And this is where I've had the most success with surveys myself.

Anytime I run surveys, I usually don't offer any kind of upfront incentive like a discount or a freebie. Instead, I simply ask my audience (or a segment of my audience), "Hey, would you mind answering a few quick questions? It'll only take a few minutes, and I really appreciate it."

Because I provide so much value and free help upfront, my audience usually doesn't mind at all. I try to make my surveys as short and as painless as possible. And then afterwords, I usually give away some kind of unannounced freebie as a small "thank you."

And the good news is, you'll only need maybe twenty or thirty responses to get strong data. That's because after twenty or thirty, you'll start to see repeating responses and patterns in the feedback you collect.

So, think about how you can use surveys for yourself to collect valuable information about the target maret you want to serve.

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